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Hello guys. I'd like some help. Not exactly a problem, currently I have 04 accounts on voobly. I created them, because with one of them I played with some school friends. Another one I played alone (x1) in the new player. And others played with an ADAOE clan I met by voobly himself. However, nowadays I play a little bit better than before, lol. And I went into the lobby of the most experienced players. And there records my 1v1 and team games. What happens, I would like to unify all these accounts (join all wins and losses in one account, and never use the others, use only one)

Is it possible to do that? With your technical help?
I have written down how many victories and defeats I have in each looby, organized by Victories / Defeats (see annex). I do not care about the rating.

My biggest reason for this is that I am very excited about the age and would like to train more and compete with the professionals someday. This made me think of unifying the accounts into one, to show all my game history, though I still play at a level of 15+ rsrsrs.

Thanks for listening.
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lmfao i love random topic like this
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We do not delete, unify nor distribute points across accounts.

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