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TDII TeamBonus V2

by Rambit, edited by Sugarrush - 421 downloads

Updated version of Rambit's TDII: Teambonus: Start with +500 wood/stone/goldPers Teambonus:Reduced elephant speed from 2X to 1.75XTurk Teambonus:Reduced Goldmining from 5X to 4XChinese TeambonusLarge houses cost 350 wood instead of 400Mayans Teambonus:Tradecarts are more efficient, carry 1.5 times more gold.Handcarts:Upgraded their trading capacity by 1.7 (thats about 170 gold in total)Skydock:Reduced building time of trade rider from 30 to 20 secondsReduced building time of trade bird from 30 to 20 secondsReduced building time of small rocket ship from 75 to 50 secondsReduced building time of large rocket ship from 100 to 75 secondsReduced cost of large rocket ship from 500 to 450 woodDock:Increased trading capacity of all ships by 0.15Removed fire and demo shipForaging:Changed berrybushes hp on all hero shipsSmall hero berrybush from 2000 to 1500Wallace berrybush from 3000 to 2500Large hero berrbush from 5000 to 4000
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