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v1.5 Beta R5

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Please adjust your settings from the game room menu options.

For now, settings must be reconfigured for each beta, so please verify your options.See the Features section for option details: [You must login to view link]menu_options_up_15.png

Important Information:

Please remember that this is beta software. It contains known bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend running beta software in competitive games or tournaments, and support is limited at this time to questions and bug reports.If you choose to run beta software, you agree that we won't reset any rated games in case of crashes or bugs caused by unsupported software. It is your responsibility to ensure that maps or required game modifications are working.Please report crashing issues / problems here: sure to attach the following files when experiencing crashes:C:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\voobly (1).txtC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\voobly (2).txtC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\voobly (3).txtC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\voobly (4).txtC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\minidump (1).dmpC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\minidump (2).dmpC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\minidump (3).dmpC:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\minidump (4).dmp

Changes for 5634 (R5):

  • Fixed issue with pathing where objects pass through buildings and foundations (Marauder video).
  • Fixed issue with certain units failing to automatically attack nearby targets.
  • Demolition ships and other melee units should be less likely to idle next to targets in range.
  • New AMOUNT_REVEAL_ENEMY added as #209: set to reveal enemies except for sp scenarios.
  • Append flags for 209: 1: reveal starting town-center, 2: reveal first town-center on nomad.
  • This functionality will be used by WK to enable the Vietnamese bonus on nomad.
  • Full rec compatibility break, due to the critical bug fixes above.
  • Please check and confirm your game room menu options for R5.

Changes for 5626 (R4):

  • Adjusted rec/spec speed hotkeys, so they will only affect rec/spec and not gameplay.
  • "Game Mechanics->Disable Extended Hotkeys" can disable these for rec/spec, as well.
  • No rec compatibility break, so this release remains R4.

Changes for 5624 (R4):

  • Fixed improper building resource trickle handling for the Feitoria in WololoKingdoms.
  • Adjust rec/spec speed: "Ctrl+Left" for slower, "Ctrl+Right" for faster, "Ctrl+Up/Down" for normal.
  • To adjust in smaller intervals, add "Shift" when pressing the keys like "Ctrl+Shift+Left", etc.
  • If you've changed your scroll hotkeys from the arrow keys, these will change accordingly.
  • Rec compatibility with R3 should be fine for aoc, but may be affected for WK games with Feitoria.

Changes for 5620 (R3):

  • Fixed internal AI handling for certain buildings (docks in WololoKingdoms) to avoid graphics issues.
  • Rec compatibility with R2 should be fine for aoc, but may be affected for WK games with docks.

Changes for 5618 (R2):

  • Fixed issue with boars abandoning their attack despite being targeted.
  • Fixed issue with patrol units freezing when a path cannot be resolved.
  • New menu option: "Other Options->Low Rec/Spec Rate" for slower systems to stay live.
  • Performance optimizations.

Changes for 5572 (R1):

  • The hotkey editor will now allow, but still alert, for conflicting keys.
  • New menu option: "Environment Effects->Spectator Only Effects" disables effects when playing.
  • Client: Fixed dark fog unit spy toggle from the "All Visible" checkbox in rec/spec.
  • Client: Fixed command bar styles for WololoKingdoms.
  • Performance optimizations.

Changes for 5565:

  • Volume effect: adjust volume using the Play Sound effect with Number set from 1-8 or 9 to stop.
  • Performance optimizations.

Changes for 5558:

  • Fixed tech tree team units: change tech tree item Status from 2 to (10 + civId). (WK update required)
  • Fixed gate HP drain after change ownership for each open/close event.
  • Client: Fixed Numeric Age Display menu option.
  • Client: Fixed match stats and rec handling.
  • Client: Fixed extended data added to the game clock in CS.

Changes for 5548:

  • Fixed improper variability in monk conversion timing code.
  • String table id textbox enabled for scenario editor triggers.

Changes for 5525:

  • Fixed friend-or-foe color swapping after a recorded game ends.
  • Fixed friend-or-foe color swapping for the victory timer text.
  • Fixed boar attack response failure to untargetable object types.
  • Tech tree civilization descriptions are now formatted with bold, etc.
  • MUL_ATTRIBUTE an object cost (FWGS) by -1 to create a cost type or -2 to remove a cost type.
  • SET_ATTRIBUTE an object's ATTR_STORAGE_VALUE to -32 to commit the (FWGS) amount.
Remember: this is subject to change, and compatibility is not guaranteed with the final release.Core Features of v1.5
  • Population caps have been extended up to 250, or optionally 1000.
  • All available video resolutions, including HD and widescreen, are selectable.
  • Choose either the standard widescreen interface or the centered style.
  • Spectate any single player or multiplayer game live without lag for the players.
  • Mirror player civilizations with the new Team Random civ option.
  • Select a maximum age for advancement using the "Starting Age" dropdown.
  • Each map script generates 4,294,967,296 unique maps from 32,768 in v1.0c.
  • Single player mode now operates at 60fps instead of 20fps in v1.0c.
  • Browse saved and recorded games from subfolders in your SaveGame folder.
  • Check real-time achievement statistics while watching recorded games.
  • With the new Relics victory condition, capturing
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