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time to change for Age of Kings ?


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because some good ( experienced ) players active , thats make me try for and ask for
i need the lobby like this
option 1
Age of Empires ll : Age of Kings
New Player Lobby - 1 vs 1
New Player Lobby - Team Game
Main Lobby - 1 vs 1
Main Lobby - Team Game

option 2
Age of Empires ll : Age of Kings
New Player Lobby
Main Lobby

i need the ladder like this

Random Map
Random Map - Free Diplo ( mini players : 5 )
Death Match
Custom Scenario
Match Stats Only ( Win Ratio instead 1600 0 0 )


and how to be mod ? some people abuse ( maybe forgot change ) ladder

reset ratings per week and month


top 10 ratings ( avg week and month ) play league

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đã Post6 Tháng chín 2017 - 12:00 am
Without an AOK game lead or at least a game mod, there won't be any lobby changes.

But, I can help hosting a league/tournament probably on match stats ladder and set results etc. In addition, i can make aok mods if necessary such as visual or data mods (graphics, balance mods).

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